Scenes from the “illegal” vote – Sunday October 1st

Walked around downtown Barcelona today looking for polling stations. We found three, one in the “right” side of Eixample, one in the “central” Eixample, and one in El Raval near the Modern Art museum. Along the way we saw huge police presence and a constant roar from police helicopters overhead. The police presence is way more than normal.

This is a Catalan Government building. To be fair, there’s been Mosso out there ever since we moved to the neighborhood but it’s really ramped up now. Barricades are new, and there’s a huge increase in vehicles.

Last night:

This morning:

The helicopters have been ever present, but now it’s switched from news helicopters to police helicopters. Not sure what was going on at Sagrada this morning, but this police chopper was hovering over Sagrada Familia for about half an hour.

The polling stations had huuuuge lines, but everyone was super calm and seemed content to just wait in line all day.

Interestingly, the ubiquitous capes made of the Catalan flag were nowhere to be seen today. Why’s that? It’s almost as if it would be uncool to wear it as it would expose how you are going to vote.

The images of the police brutality seen online are pretty tough to watch. I’m glad we didn’t run into any of it today. All in all a pretty heartwarming day watching the Catalan people get out to vote in what has been a very difficult process for them. They had to fight hard to get this basic human right and I’m glad for them. Let’s see what the next week brings!

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