Onwards into wine! Tuesday September 26th

Steps: 7,291

Stuff: Shopping, New market, Distraction

Part of the impetus for this adventure in Barcelona was to allow me to launch myself into the wine world, both personally and professionally. Being close to the classic wine regions of the world sheds a different light on the wine business and what is possible in this space.

But I’ve been so caught up with all the day to day minutia, and all the stuff required to settle in that I haven’t been able to do much in wine so far. It’s quite frustrating and today was a tough one for this.

So I looked at the (still large) to-do list for Barcelona and decided to cross a lot of it off my list. Melinda has offered to take on a lot of these logistics (thanks hun!) which will allow me to pursue my dreams in wine.

First thing was reaching out to Ana, the export manager for Gramona, one of the highest end Cava producers here. We’re going to try to grab a glass of wine together before she leaves for the USA next week.

Today, I also registered to judge at Decanter next April.

And I put some time into our trip to the Rhone Valley next week. Got some appointments lined up, and we’re seeing our dear friend Laely Heron there, who recently bought some vineyards in Gigondas and Chateauneuf du Pape!

Onwards into wine!

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