Lisbon! Saturday September 23

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Our first road trip outside of Spain with the family! It was our goal to travel as much as possible within Europe (and maybe Africa and the Middle East – why not!) and as soon as the first long weekend was in the horizon we booked our flights!

We couldn’t get out of town on the Friday night so we got up a little early (not that bad really, it was a 10:20 flight!) and took the train to the airport. ¬†Poor 16 year old Alexis was out dancing at a club until 3:30 in the morning, so she was a little sleepy for sure! Hey, you know the expression – If you can’t pay, don’t play!

Once in Lisbon we hopped the subway down to our VRBO. I love taking public transportation wherever I go – it gives a strong sense of what it’s really like for people to live there. We eventually found out that Uber was practically free in Lisbon (15 minute rides for 3 euro – what?!) but tried to take public transportation or walk as much as we could.

We surfaced from the Metro …

… into heaven – the Time Out Market. Oh god, this place is fantastic!

You had a choice of many many vendors lining the hall. Really fun to try many different things.

Some grilled squid

Some different fish tartars

And the world famous Pasteis de Belem. Okay, those of you that know my culinary predilections know I never eat dessert. Ever. Well, unless Nicole’s making it. But these Pasteis things?! Oh god, they’re amazing! Fluffy warm pastry cups filled with cream filling. So amazing! Especially when warm out of the oven!

We left full and happy and strolled the narrow streets of Lisbon …

…. to our VRBO. That’s our place at the top right.

Up some rickety stairs!

We strolled the streets of Lisbon for the rest of the day. It’s a spectacularly beautiful city.

The girls seemed to like it too!




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