I’m Broken! Wednesday September 27th

Steps: 2,635 (but not indicative of the pain in my body!)

Stuff:  Homemade granola, Personal trainer, Pain

So we got a gym membership. Yeah, us, a gym. But it’s fancy, so at least we staying somewhat true to our reputation!

We also got personal trainers. Like I said, we’re fancy. 😉  But it’s really so that we don’t injure ourselves and that we maximize our efficiency in terms of achieving our personal fitness goals. I think we’re only going to have once a week sessions with the trainer and then work independently the rest of the week.

I had my first visit with my trainer today. Oh god, oh dear god. I am broken. It was “assessment day” where he checked on overall status of fitness areas: aerobic fitness (“pretty good”), mobility and flexibility (“F”), upper body strength (“needs lots of work”), core strength (“F”), lower body strength (“very good”). Just what I expected!

But after an hour I was wrecked. Shattered. Stumbling.

Then he said “I took it easy on you today. Next time we begin the real work.”  Ahhhh!

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