Found it! Saturday September 30th

One of my expectations for Barcelona was that we would be eating at tiny little neighborhood places, totally casual spots run by old dudes, with a very limited menu. But alas after the first month I had yet to find one. Thankfully I got a tip from our friends Sharon and Lesley to check out a place deep down in the gothic quarter called La Plata. What a gem!

I squeezed up to the bar just a big platter of scorchingly hot freshly fried baby fish come out of the kitchen. The barkeep put some on a plate and slides them over to me along with a beer, without even asking! Damn they’re good!

It’s such a cute tiny little place.

Zooming in on that “menu” in the back and you’ll see…

… that La Plata has 6 menu items! Really it’s just 5, as the “ratiĆ³n de anchoas” is really just a combination of the items before and after it. Love it!

And the beers are served in little mini bottles. Damn, I must have had 4 of them!

Can’t wait to go back!

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