Danger ahead! Thursday September 28th

Steps: 11,281

Stuff: Market shopping, Failed booze shopping, Satan coffee

Uh-oh. This could be trouble. Real trouble.

I went out with Ana last night, the export manager for Gramona. She took me to a place just 3 blocks from our apartment called Monvinic. This could possibly be the best wine spot in Barcelona! And did I mention it’s 3 blocks from our apartment!?

Monvinic is a dream project for some local Catalana guy. Clearly he put some serious money into this. Super luxurious interior, quiet and peaceful, but at the same time trendy feeling. I got a great tour with the GM/head of sommeliers Isabelle.

It’s part wine bar (with some great snack offerings!) with an extensive by the glass list. They go through a lot of wine so they don’t Coravin, they just keep track of what was open when.

There’s a “library”, which was intended as a place of study for what they call Monvinic “insiders”, but now is just a work and planning space for the sommeliers.

And then there is a full restaurant for 50 inside, plus outdoor sheltered terrace seating for about 15 or so. The dining room is set up so that the walls can be moved to adjust the space for the gathering. This allows for standard restaurant service, but also multiple sizes of private dining, and also to open it up for tastings and lectures. Very cool.

The wine list is fantastic, and runs the gamut of the best wines of the world. They’re definitely not on the “natural” kick but do support wines of place made organically and biodynamically.

I can’t wait to go back! Maybe a menu-del-dia for lunch today with my honey!

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