Cambridge visit before London for the MW ceremony

{Please excuse the lateness of this post – it happened 2 weeks ago! – but we’ve been super busy with the follow on and visitors! I’ll catch up soon, I promise!}

We spend a glorious 5 days in the UK last weekend. An amazing, packed, glorious 5 days.

We started with a couple days visiting our dear friends Tim and Jo in Cambridge. Tim and I go way back – we worked together at Sequus Pharmaceuticals when Melinda and I first moved to California. God, that was over 18 years ago! We have seen them intermittently on holidays over the years, once in the Lot et Garonne and another time in San Francisco & Carmel. They’re both the loveliest people, and have two beautiful girls, Esme and Phoebe.

We landed, got picked up by Tim and arrived to a gigantic feast at their house and Tim opened up some great wines: 2010 Les Hauts de Smith, 2006 Castelnau de Sufuiraut, and 1995 Warre’s Port! Thanks Tim!

The next day we toured around Cambridge, to check it out as tourists but also to show Alexis around the colleges, as she needs to apply for University next year! Yikes, how did that come up so fast!

Jo is an honest-to-goodness certified Cambridge tour guide – the training she took was extensive – a year long. We loved all the insights and history she gave us.

What a crazy beautiful “campus”! In quotes because the colleges of Cambridge University aren’t really it’s campus, rather they are the residences and social and well-being centers for the students. And boy are they beautiful …

The rule is you’re not allowed to walk on the grass. Unless you’re a “fellow” of the college. My dad is allowed to walk on the grass at Kings ….

I think Alexis is standing in front of King’s in this one …

And here’s a crazy old one, I forget the name. The room block on the left there is so old it doesn’t have indoor plumbing and they can’t retrofit it in! The students need to walk to another wing of the building to find toilets and sinks!

Oh, one more, just for the hell of it …

All that walking made me and Tim thirsty so when Melinda and Jo went off to hear some lovely choral music at Kings. Pictures we’re allowed inside, but here’s one of the line-up to get in!

… and Emma and Phoebe went off to explore town …

… Tim and I snuck off to the pub for a pint (or two!) …

But then Tim and Jo showed us the real surprise of the day – they had put on a fireworks show just for us visiting! (Not true, ob – it was Guy Fawkes day!)

Then we went for the classic English meal of Indian food! But the lovely new British Indian – aka fancy!

We sure don’t get much Indian in Barcelona, so this was sure a treat!

The next day we went down memory lane and I was able to visit the house I lived in when I was born!

And also the house we lived in when we were in Cambridge in 1978!

A fantastic, albeit too short, visit to see Tim and Jo and Esme and Phoebe, and to explore the town of my birth!

And then it was on to London for the MW ceremony! But that’s for a different post!



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