Berlin Day Four – Heading home. Sunday October 15th

Steps: 7,885

Four years ago in Paris on holiday, our most memorable meal was one on the banks of the Sienne. We got a baguette, some cheese and charcuterie, a bottle of wine (come on who am I lying to, it was two bottles) and laid out a blanket with the other Parisians and watch the boats go by. Top memory! Here’s a blast-from-the-past photo:

Oh, one more for old times sake!

We’ve made a commitment to making sure we do a picnic on every trip on our adventure in Barcelona. The nice thing is that it gets us to explore the markets of every city. Emma found a great market for us to load up on provisions…

So on the morning of our departure, we found a great little spot on the canal near our apartment and laid out a mid morning spread.

Please excuse my squinting! At least I wasn’t like the group of 20-somethings down the way who were clearly having a relaxing morning after having just left a nightclub. It was 10am and they were having one last drink in the morning sunlight before heading off to bed!

It was a beautiful morning, and a beautiful part of Kreuzberg…

Canal boats, swans, the works …

A great way to finish our trip in Berlin!

So what were our takeaways from Berlin?

1) Berlin is, well, Berlin! There’s no other place like it. Art (not just graffiti), great food, pretty cool fashion. I was really surprised at how great the food scene is in Berlin. We had only one dud meal out of 10+. And what’s not to love about having a fast currywurst and a pilsner standing at a counter!
2) There’s serious history here. And the Germans really own it, as Alexis would say. We can’t learn from the mistakes of our past if we don’t fully acknowledge it.
3) It is way more international than I thought it was. German was the first language for at most 50% of the people there. And the foreigners were not just tourists or part of the large Turkish population. Berlin’s got huge numbers of non-Germans living and working there.
4) I’m not sure I could live in Berlin. As we got out of the terminal in Barcelona, the warm Spanish sun hit my face (Berlin is cold!), I saw smiling Spaniards (Berliners didn’t strike me as the warmest and happiest), and felt at home. Ahh.



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