Back to Barcelona – Monday September 25th

Steps: 14,135

Stuff:  Shoulders, Knees, Feet

We knew were were going to travel a lot this year on our adventure. A lot. And travel expenses can add up fast. But I think that’s in large part due to the “keeping up with the Joneses” phenomenon. Alexis and I went for a little adventure about 6 months ago to the Baja in Mexico. Just the two of us, backpacks, and very little booked. And we wanted to “rough it” a bit so we made sure to steer clear of resort type places. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of accommodations that are possible at the low end of the spectrum – totally fine! And getting around by foot and by public transit was super cheap.

So that’s been our motto during our year of travel, and we tried to stick to it in Lisbon. But it can get looooong! Here’s how we got around on our last day in Lisbon. Keep in mind that we were carrying our backpacks!

On foot – 20 minutes to central train station

Regional commuter train – 40 minutes to Sintra

Local Bus – 15 minutes to Moorish Castle

On foot – 45 minutes (2km, 42 stories) around Moorish Castle

Local Bus – 5 minutes to Palace

On foot – 30 minutes (1.5km, 27 stories) around the palace

Local Bus – 25 minutes to train station

Regional commuter train – 40 minutes back to Lisbon

Metro – 30 minutes to Airport

Plane – 1.5 hours to Barcelona

Bus – shuttle from one terminal to another

On foot – 10 minutes walk to train station

Regional commuter train – 30 minutes home

And I’m sorry, but I’m waaaay taller than most people around here. Man was I squished all day!

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